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Una Noche

Welcome to PASIONAL TANGO CLUB Mérida the first “Academia de Tango” in México passionately dedicated to the Argentine Tango Culture, where we pass on the purest tradition of the tango with modern charisma and absolute expertise! Our Cultural Center is situated right in the heart of Mérida and our Maestro from Buenos Aires and our Pasional-Team are looking forward to your visit! JOIN US!

About Pasional Tango Club

Una Noche

About PTC

Pasional Tango Club has been around for about 20 years. I could not talk about PTC without mentioning Rosa Forte-Berg who is the Co-Founder of Pasional NYC, Buenos Aires, Paris, Rome, Benidorm and lastly Vienna. We both believe that life is about cycles and it was time to start a new one but this time in separate ways. Rosa decided to continue with Pasional Tango Club Vienna and I decided to follow the Sun!
Since 2014 I have lived in Bali, Indonesia, where I taught and performed Argentine Tango along side Claudia "La Tana" Manzella, after two years moved to Zanzibar by the Indian Ocean where I Co-Founded with a great Yoga Master and a passionate tango dancer, Marisa "Pampita" van Vuuren our famous Tango and Yoga Retreats.
Destiny, life, the Sun, finally brought me to the Riviera Maya and the Caribbean Sea to continue with Pasional Tango Club Riviera and build the Tango Retreats in Paradise, parallel to this I've started PTC Mérida to educate and develop a bigger tango scene in this great, cultural city. So here we are, the end of my trip (for now) and could be very well the beginning of yours! Get your tango shoes and let me guide you into the Magical World of Tango Salón!

Una Noche

Short CV

Carlos, in a few words...

With 30 years of experience in dancing, teaching and performing Argentine Tango all around the world, it will be hard to find a better Tango Master. Carlos has been spreading the Argentine Culture for almost 3 decades, bringing the Tango around the world and the world to Buenos Aires

Throughout my entire career as a professional tango dancer of almost 30 years I have organized tango festivals and tours to Buenos Aires and participated in numerous tango festivals, live performances, video clips, movies, commercials, etc. To see some of my recent performances click on the following Links:

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